ARLISmatters launches podcast!

It’s the start of another wonderful week for art librarians, and to celebrate this ARLISmatters have launched our first podcast! Hosted by Cassy Sachar (Academic Support Librarian at Chelsea College of Art) and Alex Duncan (co-Editor of ARLISmatters and Academic Support Librarian at London College of Fashion / Central Saint Martins), the podcast will delve into selected areas of art librarianship as and when things of note occur, or just when the mood takes us.

So go ahead and get listening. Episodes will be hosted on SoundCloud and linked to from the blog, so all you’ll need to do to listen is keep an eye out for posts announcing new episodes and click on the link we provide you with.

Episode 01 : I found my info lit twin

In the inaugural episode of the ARLISmatters podcast hilarity abounds when Cassy and Alex discuss Alex’s recent trip to New Orleans to attend the ARLIS/NA 2017 conference. Topics include (but are not limited to) information literacy, US art librarians, tea breaks, health and safety and extreme weather patterns.

Enjoy with a Margaret River Chardonnay; which like the podcast is a full flavoured wine, yet reserved and well integrated.


Got ideas for future podcasts? Let us know! Email us on with your ideas.

Alex and Cassy


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