para-text publishing experiment: new issue now available

The third issue of experimental publishing project para·text is now available.


©Emily Fitzell


©Emily Fitzell

para·text is a print and online publishing experiment that aims to put space between poetic texts and their paratextual frameworks. para·text is printed roughly twice a year in an edition of 80, on Munken Lynx 120gsm by Hato Press. Corresponding paratextual information can be found on the website in an index to each printed edition, moving the threshold, and in turn its influence prior to reading, away from the poem.

More information and links to purchase a copy can be found at

You can also follow us on Twitter @paratextual

Additionally, we will launch #3 on Tuesday 28th March, 7pm (readings 7:30pm) at IKLECTIK, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, London, SE1 7LG with readings from the issue by Eleanor Chandler, Amy Evans, Jazmine Linklater and Matthew Welton (more tbc). More information here.

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